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Launch Diagnostics fully PEPPOL Compliant

5 April 2017

Launch Diagnostics Limited, a leading distributor of diagnostic kits and laboratory instrumentation, is pleased to announce they are now fully compliant in PEPPOL Messaging standards enabling them to satisfy the requirements of trading electronically with all NHS Trusts and the NHS Supply Chain. PEPPOL (Pan-European Public Procurement Online) is a network for the exchange of electronic business documents such as orders, invoices and shipping notices.

The Department of Health have publicly committed to the adoption of PEPPOL across the NHS with the aim of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs through the electronic transfer of business documents.  Signing up to a certified PEPPOL access point provides benefits such as process automation and improved accounts handling.

To achieve PEPPOL compliance, Launch Diagnostics selected NetEDI ( as their certified Access Point provider. NetEDI is a cloud based EDI/PEPPOL provider offering comprehensive services and solutions to NHS Trusts and private sector companies that enable electronic transactions to be fully integrated into any Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)  system. An integrated solution provides an automated, reliable system for exchanging business documents, reducing payment and processing errors and can therefore prove to be very cost efficient.

Launch Diagnostics is now able to send and receive EDI & PEPPOL compliant business documents and ensure that the demands of the NHS and other potential customers are met.  As a supplier to the NHS, Launch Diagnostics is able to communicate with any partner connected to the PEPPOL network regardless of the access point used.


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